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filmworks vienna e.V.  – Verein zur Förderung von Filmschauspiel

• Get to know methods and professionalize your acting in ‘acting on camera’ classes

• Train with full equipment (2 cameras, 2 monitors, light & sound) in‘acting on camera’,  Meisner-Trainings & Actor on Set

• Make use of a professional coaching for your casting or your work on set

• Learn how to deal with the business by yourself

• Become able to work with your body on set

• Work on a film project

• Train your body to become the ultimate instrument for your work

• Maintain your voice smooth and genuine

• Start your career early as a youngster

• Get to know methods that help you create a character and work within a scene

• Advance your English and dialects to succeed on the international market

• Share your experiences with other people of your profession in our classes

Genzgasse 101/24
1180 Wien